AUGUST 2022 WICM Calendar

1 Aug2 Aug3 Aug4 Aug5 Aug6 Aug7 Aug
8 Aug9 Aug10 Aug11 Aug12 Aug13 Aug14 Aug
15 Aug16 Aug17 Aug18 Aug19 Aug20 Aug21 Aug
Assumption of Mary
22 Aug23 Aug24 Aug25 Aug26 Aug27 Aug28 Aug
12h Gourmet Girls lunch
Portiragnes Plage Ouest
29 Aug30 Aug31 Aug1 Sep2 Sep3 Sep4 Sep
12h30 Sucré / Salé
10h Book Group
- Meet Me Under
The Ombu Tree
by Santa Montefiore
5 Sep6 Sep7 Sep8 Sep9 Sep10 Sep11 Sep
10h30 WICM committee meeting 14h30 WICM meeting
– Maison pour Tous
Welcome back party
with snacks, drink,
a quiz and intro to activities
12 Sep13 Sep14 Sep15 Sep16 Sep17 Sep18 Sep
19 Sep20 Sep21 Sep22 Sep23 Sep24 Sep25 Sep
26 Sep27 Sep28 Sep29 Sep30 Sep1 Oct2 Oct

Womens International Club Mediterranee